Substation Construction

Unified Electrics provides design, supply, project management, construction, testing and commissioning services associated with substations and switchyards. We have a long history in the successful management and construction of electrical substations and switchyards across America. We have constructed a wide number of high-voltage substations, switch stations and interconnect stations nationwide in addition to extensive maintenance, expansion and rebuild work.

We can manage all aspects of your project, including preliminary engineering, permitting design, construction, testing, and commissioning. Unified Electrics will work with you to deliver a quality project that meets your cost and scheduling requirements. As leaders in Smart Grid technology installation, Unified Electrics is assisting utility companies to optimize their existing network of substations and switchyards to meet increasing power demands. Unified Electrics upgrades and/or integrates new equipment to facilitate more efficient and reliable energy distribution through monitoring systems.

Unified Electrics’ construction managers have decades of hands-on experience and have successfully delivered electrical projects around the world. They understand that a successful project requires precise coordination, effective scheduling, clear communication, and expert understanding of construction practices.

Supported by Unified Electrics’ stringent safety and quality standards, our construction managers will deliver your project on your time schedule and per your specifications. Using our world-wide database of qualified subcontractors, we will carefully select partners to complete your project. Our construction managers will effectively manage these skilled trade professionals so that there is no ambiguity with respect to project requirements or expectations.

Unified Electrics’ construction managers are able to adapt to changes throughout the construction process and will provide effective solutions that will avoid costly delays and rework. You can be certain that your electrical project is in the capable hands of some of the industry’s most experienced construction experts.

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