Our History

Over the course of the last 30 years, Unified Electrics companies have demonstrated a commitment to quality allowing us to be involved in some of the most complex infrastructure construction projects across the country. Therefore, we have been able to emerge from a regional electrical testing company serving businesses in Texas, to a company providing end-to-end solutions to all companies along the power value chain.

In the last decade, our new management has focused on embarking on rapid growth. Leveraging the firm’s deep experience of the markets we serve, and a strong project management system, we added metering services, construction solutions, and telecommunications solutions.

Our focus on innovation drives everything we do, and as we have grown, we have fostered it throughout every level of our organization. We are always looking for ways to increase efficiency within our projects and our organization. We work to stay at the forefront of safety and environmentally responsible construction, and to increase the application of these concepts throughout each and every client project. We strive to find better solutions to the world’s needs, as well as safer, more socially conscious ways to meet them both today and in the future.

Our employees are at the heart of our growth. Today, we have a workforce of nearly 100 full-time certified experts and continue to engage several skilled workers on a project basis. We regularly perform projects for more than 120 electric cooperatives, municipalities, and larger companies such as American Electric Power, Entergy, and Texas Utilities (Cap Gemini). By consistently meeting our clients’ high expectations for safety, quality and service, Unified Electrics delivers the confidence they need to hire us again.

After establishing its footprint firmly in the United States, Unified Electrics is now exploring new global horizons, setting its sights on emerging markets, such as West, East and South Africa. Our scalability and overall financial stability enable us to meet each of our customers’ changing needs on a daily basis.