Group Overview

Unified Electrics is a fast growing firm that engineers, procures, constructs and maintains the infrastructure that enables telecommunications and electric generation, transmission, distribution and communications companies to successfully deliver high quality services to their customers. With a strong focus on innovation and dedication towards high quality at an affordable cost, we are able to deliver end-to-end services on time and on budget.

Unified Electrics has embarked on a bold expansion strategy through both organic growth and acquisitions. Therefore, Unified Electrics has become one of the leading solution providers in the power sector. Despite a strong focus on growth, our firm is committed to corporate social responsibility issues such as the environment, health, education and other community issues.


Building on a 35 year history in North America, Unified Electrics is now embarking on its next phase of growth – international expansion. The focus of the international expansion is on emerging markets with a huge infrastructure gap. Our approach, is to ensure we develop in-country capacity. This ensures we are able to build a sustainable business as having access to a highly skilled labor force is paramount to successful growth. Given the current growth across key economies in Africa and South America, the management team is actively seeking out new opportunities for growth in these regions.


The company has added an in-house innovation team to create technological solutions for its clients. For example, the team is developing smart maintenance technological solutions to reduce clients costs by improving maintenance predictability.

Environmental and Social Responsibility:

A strong focus on green sustains not just the company but also the planet. The company’s efforts are focused on assisting environmentally friendly power solutions (e.g. wind farms, solar power plants etc.). In this regard, we encourage our clients by providing environmentally friendly clients with a discount on our services.
All expansions are supported with a local community development plan. We ensure we empower local communities with improved education and vocational training.

Core Values:

Unified Electrics is a company with high integrity, quality and a strong focus on health and safety. These core values permeate our culture and is central to our business philosophy. Therefore, we ensure all our business engagements are transparent and our staff work efficiently to provide our customers with the highest quality and dependable delivery of products.